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We can schedule a consultation to evaluate the
Unique Needs of your business

Whether you are in need of an upgrade, or considering implementing Virtual Private Networking so your employees can access files at work from home we can help call 504-885-1635


Very professional and honest computer
support store! They were able to schedule
my repair for the next day.
Mike, Kenner
PC Tune-Ups excels at customer service
and responsiveness. Struggling with network reliability they were able to help.
Sue, Metairie
The techs at PC tune-Ups definitely know
what they're doing.
Steve, New Orleans
Now my office Computer is Clean
Joe, Metairie
We had problems with our router  and
Jayson knew exactly what was wrong
and fixed it. 
Ralph, nolabusinessdirectory.com

Managed Anti-Virus

We ensure your virus definitions, patches and updates have been downloaded and applied to every PC and server on the network.
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Data Recovery

You depend on your computer for a lot of things, from storing pictures and family videos to doing your taxes or managing your business.
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On-Site Setup

Physically set up one PC or Mac computer system, including the computer plus monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers.
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Increase Your Computer's Performance

Computers, just like pianos and cars, benefit from having periodic tuneups done. Regular pc maintenance will increase a computer's performance.

Proper pc maintenance can address problematic computer issues such as freezing and blue screening. Hardware problems can be dealt with as well as error messages and slow running.

A knowledgeable professional at PC Tune-Ups will scan and remove spyware, adware and viruses. We will also defrag the hard drive as well as running scandisk. Our experts will clean the registry and check the security software.

Regular PC Tune-Ups will help to increase the performance of your business or personal computer. Consistent maintenance will help to save you time and money.